A Fresh Start

A new website!  What a relief!  My old one was driving me crazy and looking kind of shabby, but I just hadn't had the time to make changes.  I still don't have time, but if there is a will, there is a way.  You HAVE to make time to be professional, right?

And I get to debut my most recent photos, which are now a few weeks old!  I got to try out my new strobe set with my gorgeous friend, Sarah.  And her gorgeous son!  I didn't realize he was crawling, so that was a bit stressful, since my new studio set up wasn't exactly baby-proofed, but he managed to live through the day.  Luckily!

I am still learning the ins and outs of this new lighting system, and of course, I always have higher expectations of myself.  But ultimately, there are some nice photos here.  I am looking forward to shooting Sarah again when I have this system down - I know the next session will be even better!

The Avery's

I photographed the Avery's this past weekend. I LOVE this family and knew they'd be a lot of fun to photograph! Their son, Alexander, however, was not down with it AT ALL! He REALLY did not want to pose! Or even look at me. Or be in the same room with me... But, in the end, I snuck in a couple of shots of him. He didn't look too pleased about it, but I got him!  And he still looked pretty darn cute, so it doesn't matter that he wasn't that he wasn't smiling.

Meanwhile, I took a couple of shots of Alison, the 7 year old, in the studio.  She loved posing and was super fun to take photos of!


Well, it's nice to get busy! I am still working on getting my studio "just right" and experimented with my daughter's best friend, Biaani. I originally was setting up my studio in my little basement, but I decided to do what my mother always did - just do it in my living room, just move my furniture over! It is a bit crammed, and it would be nice to have a gigantic house to have a room that is just my studio or to always be able to rent a studio - but that is a goal I will have to strive towards for now! My mom has shot a lot of major celebrities in her house and done magazine covers - and you would have never known that it was someone's living room. (I hope my mom doesn't mind that I'm sharing her secrets!)
Anyway, I think the living room will work much better than the basement. Just a hassle moving stuff back and forth. Equipment can be heavy! And well, in just a short time, I've accumulated a lot! And of course, I am obsessing on buying more...
But isn't Biaani pretty? I'm sure Violet won't mind that I borrow her friends every once in awhile to experiment with.

The Metzler's

Last weekend I photographed the Metzlers.  This was the second time, the first time being in 2009. It was so fun doing it again, since the last time I photographed the little ones, their son was just a baby! And their daughter still had her chubby little toddler cheeks, not the lanky little girl she is now.

Definitely a favorite thing of photography is getting to connect with so many great people! I love it!

The Little Studio...

Violet Jan 2013-small-cr-35

I have been setting up my little studio in the basement again.  I got some new equipment for Christmas, but I see some old backdrops have gotten damaged while buried in the basement - so I am having to sort things out and seeing what I need.  It is an itty-bitty studio, that shares space with our collection of bicyles, Tim's train table, and our camping gear!  Yeah, on a scale of 1 to 10 in professionalism, it rates about a 1 1/2.  And I don't think I could photograph really more than 2 or 3 people down there, but I am keen on making it work.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?  If I clean it up a bit and place some strategic curtains, I think I could make it look pleasingly funky, as opposed to a black widow den...

Anyway, I took some lighting tests with Violet, and we had fun with it.  I am lucky that my daughter is such a wonderful model.169ec-violetjan2013-small-cr-35383b-violetjan2013-small-cr-38

Say No To Drugs 2012

My husband and I enjoy participating in athletic events.  We aren't super hardcore, but signing up for stuff here and there keeps you motivated to stay in shape, and I figure all these things are good examples for our daughter.

I am also enjoying photographing these events when I'm not in the midst of running or bicycling.

The Say No to Drugs race was my second race at Universal Studios.  But it was my first 10k, and Violet's first Kiddie Run.  Last time I accidentily signed her up for the 5k with the big kids, which she was able to handle, but still, I thought she would have fun with the kids.  Which she did! She had a blast racing against Scooby-Doo and his friends.  She did great beating them, but then I realize it probably isn't too hard racing someone in a giant dog suit, and poor Daphne, jogging in plastic go-go boots.