Water Princess


These photos are just from my daughter and I goofing off.  All my daughter's planning.  And may I add, for every photo I took, there were about 10 amazing poses that I missed. My Olympus snapshot camera is a great camera, but it doesn't have an automatic motor drive, and underwater it is a little bit slower. I mean, it's great, but it's not going to work like an SLR. I had so much fun taking these photos that I looked into underwater cases for my Nikon, since I've seen them before, back when I first got my SLR.  But I couldn't find them now, darn it! Just the extra fancy ones, that are almost $2,000. So, I guess I will be happy with my Olympus, and grateful for the great shots that I DID get.

What's funny was that even though I have talked about wanting to do an underwater shoot in a princess dress, that morning, it was my daughter's prompting 100% - and she had the idea of holding her panda.  I was completely unprepared and not thinking "photo shoot." Our dog, Eddie, had been having serious health problems and had gone to the emergency vet that morning. So, my husband took Eddie to the emergency weekend vet while I did an 8 mile run, (which is a HUGE deal for me - not something my body is accustomed to), and just when I got back from my run, exhausted, my husband told me that Eddie might have lymphoma and tests are going to cost around $5,000. Absolutely distraught and still recovering from my 8 mile run, my daughter and I headed to my mom's swimming pool early as a diversion from the bad news, but my brain was not very present.

I was physically and emotionally drained, not a good time for spending a lot of time underwater and trying to control my actions! But my daughter, being a natural fish, and oblivious to the seriousness of her dog's illness, brought her best energy to the table and pulled me in.  Of course, in hindsight, I look at these and wish I had planned it better!  Or done any planning at ALL for that matter! Since THEN I had realized that these had the potential of being such great shots. Like the fact that I wish she wasn't wearing a Target patterned swim suit underneath, and having her wear a longer, fuller princess dress.

But we can do it again, when I am more prepared. And I know my daughter will always be ready.  I realized I miss doing photo shoots!

Oh, and after a few scary days, let me say our dog seems to be recovering and does NOT have lymphoma like we were first told as a possibility. He does have something wrong with him, but nothing that he can't recover from. It seems he has some weird autoimmune disorder. After the money spent, thank God he is going to live!