Say No To Drugs 2012

My husband and I enjoy participating in athletic events.  We aren't super hardcore, but signing up for stuff here and there keeps you motivated to stay in shape, and I figure all these things are good examples for our daughter.

I am also enjoying photographing these events when I'm not in the midst of running or bicycling.

The Say No to Drugs race was my second race at Universal Studios.  But it was my first 10k, and Violet's first Kiddie Run.  Last time I accidentily signed her up for the 5k with the big kids, which she was able to handle, but still, I thought she would have fun with the kids.  Which she did! She had a blast racing against Scooby-Doo and his friends.  She did great beating them, but then I realize it probably isn't too hard racing someone in a giant dog suit, and poor Daphne, jogging in plastic go-go boots.