Hot Mamas

I have had flyers made with the tagline, "Ask about the Mommy Makeover" - but have still been photographing more kids than anything else. I figured it was a good sales pitch, though, because us moms focus so much on our kids and walk around in sweats or jeans all day, and it is hard to remember half the time that we were hot once. I'm sure we are all more attractive than what we give ourselves credit for half the time, but I remember a day when I used to spend HOURS getting ready for a night out! No wonder I looked hot! You better look good when you spend that long getting ready... And alas, motherhood cuts down that time to a matter of minutes to get ready for anything, so us moms always end up feeling like a shadow of our former selves.

Of course, I'm just talking about myself - but it seems to be the issue with most of the moms I know. So, I thought the idea of doing glamour shots aimed at moms was something to work with.

These are a few snaps of my good friend and a Super Mom, Macruhi. I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, because my lights broke during the photo session - so I was having some awkward technical difficulties! The photos I did take though still came out nice and I think Macruhi looks GORGEOUS!

The positive outcome of that photo session, though, is that my husband surprised me with a new set of lights! Yay! The lights I've been using were given to me by my mother, which I'm thankful for... but I think they're from the 70's!

Well, even with my old, falling apart lights, Macruhi still looks pretty darn good...