Spoke(n) Art & CicLAvia

Wow, what a fun weekend!  We attended two great bicycling events two days in a row!

I have been wanting to attend Spoke(n) Art forever, where you travel with a group of bicyclists to a bunch of art gallery openings, on the East Side of Los Angeles.  However, it never quite happened for one reason or another.  But we finally went!  It was a lot of fun, combining two great loves in a single evening, art and bicycling.  It was actually a little bit more hard work than I expected, since I thought it would be a leisurely ride up and down one strip of galleries.  But, no!  It covered different areas of Eagle Rock, which has a lot of hills!  Not that it was TOO hard, I just wasn't expecting it, and I was dressed for trendy art openings more than an athletic event.  Not that I was wearing high heels, however, tight non-stretch jeans and a fancy designer sweater were a bad idea.

Along the way, we stopped at the Outpost for Contemporary Art where friend and fellow set painter, Kelly Thompson was creating bicycle-themed t-shirts.

Spoke(n) Art happens every second Saturday of every month, so I think we will try to make it a regular thing whenever we can get a babysitter!

The next morning was CicLAvia, which we were super excited about.  It was amazing to see the full turn out, and I am so happy that Los Angeles is now having events like this.