Spring in Mammoth Lakes

Yes, it's true, I kind of abandoned this blog for awhile.  Yes, I have taken photos, but I have not posted them here.  Life got a little hectic, and photography was just not a priority.  Although, like I mentioned, I was taking photos - sometimes life just gets a little haphazard, family issues arise, and focusing on family comes first.

Now the dust is beginning to settle, and I realize how much I miss my camera. Yes, I shot a few family photos for Christmas cards - and done some headshots, but I miss doing photography for the fun of doing photography!  I originally explored photography as a fine artist, and ultimately, that is where my heart is.  I miss it!

Anyway, I realized I hadn't taken photos of my daughter since she turned 9 - and she is already on the verge of turning 10!  Thought that would be a good excuse just to get out my camera and loosen up a bit.  My daughter is always a wonderful muse, and she is growing up too quickly!  So, it is good to get photos before she has completely grown.

We've been going up to Mammoth Lakes a lot lately, and my daughter snowboards. So, I thought I'd do a photo session with her in her snowboard gear!  Nothing fancy, she is wearing a jacket from K-Mart - but this is her style!  Many times when she was younger, I'd want to style her and pick her clothes, buy a fancy dress, etc.  This time, I just wanted to photograph her as is.  Even though I wanted to venture back into my photography, this time my core inspiration, was thinking as a mother - not a past art school student!  I know many years from now, this will be how I want to remember her.  Not in a fancy dress she never wore any other time.

We also stopped at Convict Lake on the way up.  We had never been before!  The scenery was stunning!  Well, my daughter snuck on some of my lipstick when I wasn't paying attention - and even though I wiped it off, it left a bit of a stain!  Other than that, I just wanted to photograph her as is.  Okay, I admit it, I have a good looking kid, and between that and the scenery, I had fun doing photos again...

A Fresh Start

A new website!  What a relief!  My old one was driving me crazy and looking kind of shabby, but I just hadn't had the time to make changes.  I still don't have time, but if there is a will, there is a way.  You HAVE to make time to be professional, right?

And I get to debut my most recent photos, which are now a few weeks old!  I got to try out my new strobe set with my gorgeous friend, Sarah.  And her gorgeous son!  I didn't realize he was crawling, so that was a bit stressful, since my new studio set up wasn't exactly baby-proofed, but he managed to live through the day.  Luckily!

I am still learning the ins and outs of this new lighting system, and of course, I always have higher expectations of myself.  But ultimately, there are some nice photos here.  I am looking forward to shooting Sarah again when I have this system down - I know the next session will be even better!

The Little Studio...

Violet Jan 2013-small-cr-35

I have been setting up my little studio in the basement again.  I got some new equipment for Christmas, but I see some old backdrops have gotten damaged while buried in the basement - so I am having to sort things out and seeing what I need.  It is an itty-bitty studio, that shares space with our collection of bicyles, Tim's train table, and our camping gear!  Yeah, on a scale of 1 to 10 in professionalism, it rates about a 1 1/2.  And I don't think I could photograph really more than 2 or 3 people down there, but I am keen on making it work.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?  If I clean it up a bit and place some strategic curtains, I think I could make it look pleasingly funky, as opposed to a black widow den...

Anyway, I took some lighting tests with Violet, and we had fun with it.  I am lucky that my daughter is such a wonderful model.169ec-violetjan2013-small-cr-35383b-violetjan2013-small-cr-38

The Hair Session

Some before and afters since my daughter wanted her hair chopped off.  I thought it was time for some quickie photo sessions.  I like the new cut, but I'll always love her long hair!  Won't miss washing and brushing it.