Well, it's nice to get busy! I am still working on getting my studio "just right" and experimented with my daughter's best friend, Biaani. I originally was setting up my studio in my little basement, but I decided to do what my mother always did - just do it in my living room, just move my furniture over! It is a bit crammed, and it would be nice to have a gigantic house to have a room that is just my studio or to always be able to rent a studio - but that is a goal I will have to strive towards for now! My mom has shot a lot of major celebrities in her house and done magazine covers - and you would have never known that it was someone's living room. (I hope my mom doesn't mind that I'm sharing her secrets!)
Anyway, I think the living room will work much better than the basement. Just a hassle moving stuff back and forth. Equipment can be heavy! And well, in just a short time, I've accumulated a lot! And of course, I am obsessing on buying more...
But isn't Biaani pretty? I'm sure Violet won't mind that I borrow her friends every once in awhile to experiment with.